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 Brackenfur had so many dreams about Sorreltail, calling out for her over and over and over, never being able to keep her, and it killed him slowly each day to wake up without her, going though those dreams. When he  closed his eyes, and seeing her in starclan, feeling her pelt once again, taking in her scent and the youthful gleam in her eyes once again, and then waking up without that, he wasn’t sure which was worse, the nightmares where he lost her, or having her once more, just to endure daylight without her.


a letter to that one person who never fails to make you feel like shit. 

fuck you. i’m happy.

// the phrase that pays - the academy is… // get busy living or get busy dying (do your part to save the scene and stop going to shows) - fall out boy // break your little heart - all time low // guilty pleasure - cobra starship // burn it down - awolnation // i don’t care - fall out boy // houdini - foster the people // i just wanna live - good charlotte // DESTROYA - my chemical romance // everybody talks - neon trees // harlem - new politics // something i need - onerepublic // ready to go (get me outta my mind) - panic! at the disco // tightrope - walk the moon // check yes juliet - we the kings // finders keepers - you me at six // yeah yeah yeah - new politics //


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「Back To Black (Solo Version)」


I made a text message pixel because it’s simple and I can’t make complicated ones lol. It’s transparent! (‘▽^人)

I absolutely looking forward to having my own family, but personally, I have a lot of things to work out before I get there. Right now I’m in this blessed period of having a family that I choose to run with in this kind of pack of friends.





Shay Mitchell: First selfie on my new iPhone !!! #worththewait 😜📱👍 [x]

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an autumn mix [ l i s t e n ]

「Pop punk bands saying "friends"」


this is literally just a minute of pop punk bands saying the word “friends” clipped together and it is amazing